QIAO ™ Q8 3.5kw 7KW 11KW 22KW AC wall-mounted EV Charger Car Charging Station



  • Condition : New
  • Model No. : Q8
  • Brand : QIAO ™
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China
  • Output Power : 3.5KW – 22KW
  • Product Name : AC Charging station
  • Rated Current : 3.5KW 16A , 7KW 32A , 11KW 16A , 22KW 32A
  • Rated Voltage : AC 120V~ 240V, AC 380-400V
  • Optional WIFI+APP : Allows remote monitor and control of EV chargers
  • Waterproof Rating : IP66, can withstand direct heavy rain
  • Cable Length : 5M or 7.62M or customization
  • Certificates : CE, EMC, LVD, FCC, UKCA, ROHS and UL test reports
Type 1, type 2, type Tesla, type GBT Wallbox Charging station
Input Voltage
120 V, 230V, 400V, 220V, 400V
TypeA, type A + 6mA DC,  CCID20
Charging Power
3.5 to 22KW
Input Current
16A,32A, 40A, 48A, 50A
Type 1, type 2, type Tesla, type GBT
Cable Length
5M,7.62M, or customization
CE, EMC, LVD, FCC, UKCA, ROHS certificates and UL test reports
Power Plug
optional Schuko, blue CEE, red CEE, NEMA 5-15, NEMA 14-50, NEMA 10-30, UK 3PIN, etc.
Optional Feature
WIFI+Bluetoth+App, LCD screen
Multiple Protection
IP66, IK10, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, grounding protection, lightning protection, electric current leakage protection, flame retardant protection, etc.
Choosing an AC EV charger for your home depends on several factors, such as:The charging speed you want. This is determined by the amperage of the charger and the maximum charging rate of your vehicle. A higher amperage charger can add more miles of range per hour of charging, but only if your vehicle can accept it. Most EVs can take in about 32 amps, adding around 25 miles of range per hour, while some newer models can handle up to 48 amps or more.The electrical capacity of your home. You need to have a 240V outlet and a circuit breaker that can handle the amperage of the charger. For example, if you want a 40-amp charger, you need a 50-amp circuit breaker. You may need to upgrade your electrical panel or install a new outlet if you don’t have enough capacity.The installation method and location. You can choose between a plug-in or a hardwired charger, depending on your preference and the availability of an outlet. Plug-in chargers are more flexible and portable, but hardwired chargers are more secure and reliable. You also need to consider the length of the cable and the distance from the charger to your vehicle. You may want a longer cable if you have multiple parking spots or a large garage.The cost and features of the charger. There are many different brands and models of AC EV chargers, with prices ranging from $200 to over $1,000. Some chargers have smart features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, scheduling, energy monitoring, and integration with other devices. These features may offer more convenience and functionality, but they may also increase the cost and complexity of the charger.To summarize, choosing an AC EV charger for your home requires some research and planning. You need to find a charger that matches your vehicle’s charging capability, your home’s electrical capacity, and your personal preferences. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Additional information

Rate Power

7kW, 11KW, 22KW


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